We are looking for:
Lean implementation associate consultants

ANPRO are currently looking to recruit lean implementation consultants to work on various assignments, across Europe. You will be lean qualified to at least green belt standard, although black belt would be preferred and have experience of implementing lean methodology in a client facing situation.

You will have at least 5 years' implementation experience and strong project management skills.

We are looking for Swedish, Danish, German speakers, with fluency in English and are available for a start in the coming weeks. In addition to this we are also looking for UK residents for work locally within UK.

Please send your cv to using the reference LIAC in the subject line.

ANPRO was established in 1988 and operates internationally servicing a client base originating in the UK and Europe, but reaching globally. To date we have a track record of successfully implementing over 600 major improvement projects for more than 300 organisations.

We promote a pragmatic "partnership style" with emphasis on sustainable implementation, underpinned by an extensive research and support network via International Centres of Excellence. We follow a partnership approach with industry experts around Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, SCM, Customer Service and Sales Effectiveness.

Corporate Profile

Over the last two and a half decades, we have carried out a variety of major partnership projects covering a wide range of business challenges, implementing performance improvement programmes across diverse industrial and commercial sectors. We’ve worked with major blue chip organisations, as well as medium-sized, often privately-owned companies.

This has been achieved because of our focus on measurable and sustainable value creation. We have developed and consistently apply a "partnership approach" in developing robust productivity management solutions and coaching them into place on the ground. This approach adds value by creating understanding, genuine local "ownership" and robust sustainability of improved performance for our clients, whilst building on their inherent strengths and recognising their unique culture.

Our clients talking about ANPROs accelerated performance improvement

What is it like working with ANPRO?

What results come from working with ANPRO?

What is different about ANPRO?


Using the creative synergy of difference, we combine our client’s detailed knowledge of their business with our accumulated experience and expertise to unlock untapped potential and achieve exponential improvements in performance.

The application of our innovative techniques for developing people and organisations enhances our client’s capability to align structures, systems, people, processes and operational standards to strategic objectives. By helping our clients to derive greater clarity from complexity, they can more effectively focus their energy and harness resources to add value to their customers and strengthen their competitive resilience.

The partnership approach we adopt in working with our clients is based upon common objectives for creating value and sharing in the rewards of their attainment. Our absolute commitment to truly "make a difference" is reflected by our results guarantee, directly linked to the success criteria for the partnership programme itself.


All our clients recognise the importance of improving day to day performance, and the need for change that this inevitably involves. Most clients have an understanding of how their people could and should perform at a higher level, but may not have identified how this can be achieved and, more importantly, the full extent of the financial and other benefits this improvement can bring. This is where ANPRO can make a real difference. Our performance analysis answers these questions, quantifies potential savings and benefits and delivers clear solutions to tackle the performance issues clients face.

Moving on to implement these solutions, we work in-house alongside our clients throughout the whole implementation process. Our consultants provide project management skills and adopt a pragmatic, "hands-on" approach, coaching our clients in the workplace through concept / solution design and implementation to consolidation and continuous improvement auditing. Our core methodology of "Co-design" ensures sustainability of improvements for our clients.

Work for Us

ANPRO operates internationally servicing a client base originating in the UK and Scandinavia, reaching globally.

ANPRO employs consultants across Northern Europe and we have an ongoing recruitment requirement for high calibre business professionals. ANPRO has been experiencing significant success and growth.

We are therefore looking for:

  • Talented individuals with excellent communication skills and a higher education 
  • Experienced consultants, project managers or people with operations or management experience in the fields of production, logistics and SCM 
  • Trainee consultants with a little or limited experience, but with desire to learn and grow  
  • Coaches, consultants in the field of management development or people with a similar background 
  • Sales professionals with experience in selling "implementation consultancy" services 
  • Willingness to travel and work away from home for protracted periods of time.  

What we offer:

  • Good rates of pay and terms of employment 
  • The opportunity to work full time or part time, as an employee or freelance associate 
  • Opportunities for education, training and real personal development  
  • Work in a creative, challenging consultancy environment 
  • An international exposure 

If what we have to offer matches your expectations, please send your application and CV to