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Our Clients


Generating accelerated improvement in performance and measurable results with our clients has taken place across a diverse range of sectors and organisations. Here is a sample of testimonials from our clients, to give you some sense of what working with ANPRO may be like.

From medium-sized, family-owned engineering companies to multinational FMCG giants, from state-owned infrastructure management organisations to innovation-led service businesses, the variety and complexity of these environments all presented a unique challenge to delivering successful change projects.

The recurrent theme is clear, clients recognise that ANPRO operates a "partnership approach" and has a culture and a business model based on delivering value.

Apart from these testimonials, we have numerous case histories, which can further explain how an ANPRO project might add value to your organisation.

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  1. Aluminium foundry
  2. Aluminium packaging
  3. Abattoirs
  4. Bakeries
  5. Bicycles
  6. Biscuits and Crisp-breads
  7. Blades (wind-powered turbines)
  8. Carbonated and non-carbonated Soft Drinks
  9. Contract packaging (consumer electronics, food)
  10. Confectionery
  11. Detergents
  12. Dried ambient foods (pulses, rice, etc.)
  13. Electrical and mechanical engineering workshops
  14. Electronics
  15. Fresh fish, fish roe and value-added seafood meals
  16. Fresh milk and value-added dairy products
  17. Glassware (branded tableware and art-ware)
  18. Healthcare & personal hygiene products
  19. Kitchen & bathrooms
  20. Lighting fixtures
  21. Loudspeakers
  22. Medical devices
  23. Metal fencing
  24. Nappies/ incontinence
  25. Office furniture
  26. Other food & ingredients
  27. Other packaging
  28. Paintbrushes
  29. Pharmaceuticals
  30. Photographic Processing
  31. Plastics (moulded/extruded)
  32. Preserves/Pickled foods
  33. Ready meals
  34. Sailing boats/yachts
  35. Salads, dressings & sauces
  36. Shoes
  37. Speciality chemicals/adhesives
  38. Home appliances
  39. Home furnishing
  40. Telecom and switchgear
  41. Textiles and textile services
  42. Tissue making machine