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August 2022 - We're hiring - find out more

Our Services

All our clients recognise the importance of improving day to day performance, and the need for change that this inevitably involves. Most clients have an understanding of how their people could and should perform at a higher level, but may not have identified how this can be achieved and, more importantly, the full extent of the financial and other benefits this improvement can bring. This is where ANPRO can make a real difference. Our performance analysis answers these questions, quantifies potential savings and benefits and delivers clear solutions to tackle the performance issues clients face.

Moving on to implement these solutions, we work in-house alongside our clients throughout the whole implementation process. Our consultants provide project management skills and adopt a pragmatic, "hands-on" approach, coaching our clients in the workplace through concept/solution design and implementation to consolidation and continuous improvement auditing.

What we do and how we do it

Put simply, ANPRO provides its clients with accelerated improvement in the performance of their organisation. We provide the skills, capacity, tools, know-how and experience of managing change, whilst harnessing these resources to our clients' inherent strengths. This creates a powerful synergy. We work with Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, SCM, Customer Service, Sales Effectiveness and Strategy Implementation for our corporate clients. We also provide our corporate and private equity clients with a range of Mergers and Acquisitions support services. Our "partnership approach" delivers tangible results and genuine sustainability.

ANPRO's service portfolio is broadly divided into 3 main areas: Analysis, Implementation and Support services.

Analysis Services

ANPRO's analysis products provide robust diagnostic tools to help businesses understand their current reality and improvement potential together with a structured planning approach to realise opportunities.

Scoping Analysis

We use a one-week analysis to identify performance issues and quantify current improvement potential in a chosen area of your business.

Download: Scoping Analysis

Organisational Analysis

With increasing competitive pressures and slimmer organisations, many businesses today turn to external partners to assist in implementing strategic initiatives and to develop organisational effectiveness.

The help may take the form of identifying ways to deal with performance problems or to provide project management skills no longer available in-house.

The vital first step in ANPROs Value Creation Process is the analysis phase, which is followed by the project phase.

Download: Organisational Analysis

Operational Due Diligence

The essentials of potential acquisitions are the establishment of fair current value, risk assessment and the identification of unexploited opportunities. ANPRO’s operational due diligence services are tailored to complement the legal and accounting expertise of the investment community in the assessment of risk and value and to provide a much deeper insight into the operational potential of acquisition targets.

Download: Operational Due Diligence

Implementation Services

ANPRO's core expertise is in operational excellence, project management and change management.

All of ANPRO's implementation projects are co-designed in partnership with our clients and cover anything from limited intervention in selected departments, divisions and business processes up to company-wide initiatives. These projects typically encompass:

  • Effective strategy implementation
  • Improving organisational effectiveness (Operational Excellence)
  • Operations consolidation
  • Post-acquisition integration
  • Corporate turnaround

Project Implementation

Effective implementation requires management commitment to support the project and its objectives, sufficient and competent resources, effective communications, teamwork and robust project management skills & methods. Early wins to sustain momentum and motivation are also crucial.

ANPRO's implementation projects are designed in collaboration with our clients with these factors in mind and we have the experience to implement change management projects in any area of your business.

Download: Project Implementation

Support Services

The ANPRO Management Academy provides a range of bespoke support services to assist clients in developing organisational effectiveness. Apart from our Mergers & Acquisitions Support we offer:

  • Interim management
  • Management training and teambuilding
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Executive coaching
  • Post-implementation audit & support

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

ANPRO provides the support management needs, be it problem analysis, project management or interim management resources. We are a committed partner to companies wishing to secure effective post-acquisition integration and to maximise pre-exit value growth.

Download: Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Download: Post-acquisition Integration Support

Download: Effective Strategy Implementation

Download: Turnaround Projects